The base body of our new generation of ink cups is made of special coated aluminium.
The combination with a changeable doctoring ring made of carbide metal creates the TAMPONCOLOR SMART CUP which is available in different diameters (see list below).

Compared to other similar ink cup systems the changeable doctoring ring can be mounted and demounted without using a tool.

By the use of a center located continously height adjustable magnet (easily adjustable from the outside) the holding force can be adapted to the chliché material (plastic material or steel).

A solvent dosing hole allows you to thin down the ink without removing the cup from the machine and to vent the ink cup during the production process to achieve the best doctoring result.

In combination with our steel and plastic clichés we offer a colour system designed for highest durability, a minimum of wear and easiest handling.

If process caused wear occurs the doctoring ring can easily be exchanged, afterwards the TAMPONCOLOR SMART CUP is in new condition.

The TC-FTS ink cups complete the proven TAMPONCOLOR ink cup program and are available in different diameters. Feel free to contact us.