TC-AW wash-out solvent for NP300 or NP/DG120
Wash-out fabric
Wash-out tray
Etching machines (for strip steel clichés)TC/CEW 220
Exposure unitsTC/BVW I - effective area 180 x 380mm
TC/BVW II - effective area 235 x 585mm
(custom sizes also available)
Coding bars
Printing inksOne and/or two-component inks for many different materials
Gold and silver pastes
Flow-control agent (egalisator)
Transparent pastes
Mat pastes
Ink scraper
Ink mixer tray
Printing clichés for open or closed ink system
Printing clichés + accessories + equipmentSteel clichés, 10mm thick, approx. hardness 64 HRc, ready-etched steel strip clichés, 0.5mm thick. Approx. hardness 52 to 54 HRc, ready-etched or as blanks - cut to size - for in-house manufacturing
Ink cups (closed ink systems)Cylindrical design or oval shape, various sizes
Heatable ink wells with temperature control for the use of thermoplastic inks
Photopolymer clichés (plastic cliché) washed out produced to films
Photopolymer cliché blanks (cut to size)

- NP300
for very delicate fonts and lines, can be washed out using alcohol

- FP600 screen up to 120L/cm can be washed out using water

- FP430 screen up to 120L/cm can be washed out using water

- FP580 screen up to 120L/cm can be washed out using alcohol, long service life

- NP/DG120 screen up to 120L/cm can be washed out using alcohol, thermal hardening, long service life
Cliché rollers
Compound tables
Magnetic chuck plates for open and closed ink systems
Doctor blades, the following are available:

Lamella doctor blades for photopolymer clichés
(standard dimensions: height 22mm, thickness 0.2mm, lamella 0.08mm)
other dimensions on request

Doctor blades for steel clichés(standard dimensions: height 19mm, thickness 0.25mm, lamella 0.5mm)
Doctor blade, 10mm thick, lengths on request
Blade grinding stones
Screened films for in-house production of photopolymer clichés

Cleaning materials and equipmentCliché spray TC-KSP
Pad cleaner TC-AW (pack size 6l)
Solvent dispenser TC-LSP for TC-AW
Cleaning paper (highly absorbent and fuzz-free)
Floor stand for the cleaning paper
Cleaning agent TC-RL for ink-carrying parts (except printing pads)
(pack size 12, 30 or 200l)
Fully automated cleaning units TC-RGR
2 sizes (basket diameters 400 or 600mm, special sizes available)
Silicone oil
Sliding clichés
Pad cleaner TC-AW
Pad holder block
Pad holder ring
Pad rollers for rotary pad printing
Transport devicesShift unit
Rotary indexing plate
Square tables
Conveyor belts
Linear transport system
TC-Integral positioning module
Automated units
Handling systems
Sorting systems
DryingInfrared radiator
Infrared drying belts
Infrared dryer
Hot air dryer
Drying belts in channel design with add-on hot air dryer
Shock dryers with gas torch
UV dryers
Pre-treatmentIonisation units
Flame treatment torches
Flame treatment belts
Corona pre-treatment units:
Low-frequency units without counter electrode
High-frequency units with counter electrode
Primer as finishing agent (for small-scale production or lab tests, for PP only)
Workpiece holdersMechanical
With vacuum, etc.