Electro-mechanical pad printing machine TC 60-80E

This electro-mechanical pad printing machine model is used for single- and multi-colour printing, labelling, marking and decorating products with high precision and colour saturation at high speed. The device is ideal for integration into fast-running production systems where smaller cliché sizes and lower pressure levels are sufficient.
A particular strength of the pad printing process is the ability to print virtually any surface, even irregular shapes, and onto many different materials, such as plastic, metal, ceramics, glass or varnished surfaces, which is something that other contact printing and marking processes simply cannot do.

The machines can be used in many different applications to print on even, uneven or structured surfaces. Typical items for printing include fixtures and fittings, car accessories, electronic components, cases, medical equipment, measuring equipment, tools, etc. Customers for this technology are found in many different sectors of industry.


- Electro-mechanically driven pad printing machine
- Pressing force: max. 300N
- No. of cycles: max. 3.000/hr, infinitely adjustable
- Cliché width: max. 250 mm
- Open or closed ink system available - Operating modes: set-up/jog mode, single cycle, automatic mode
- Optional sliding clichés and coding rods for changing print images