Miscalleneous Applications

One of the world's largest tools manufacturer produces wood-cutting blades and other products. Previously the saw blades were fitted with labelled packaging on which the product information was printed. To save this packaging and to meet product liability requirements, a solution was found for the direct labelling of the saw blades themselves. Products of a variable size of 7mm x 300mm to 140mm x 720mm and up to 1.2kg in weight need to be labelled. The saw blades need to be printed with a two-colour logo and a black barcode on a white background.

Project realisation:
For saw blade labelling, Tamponcolor as a systems provider supplies a fully automated printing system with four TC 80-100 P pneumatic pad printing machines. The saw blades are transferred from an adjustable stacker to a rotary indexing table and are held in position by a stop and permanent magnets. The four-colour printing of the saw blades is carried out at four stations, each with one machine equipped with closed ink systems for a maximum print image size of 60mm x 160mm. Each TC 80-100 P is equipped with a fully automated TC/TPR pad cleaning system.

The print quality is checked by an image processor, and poor quality parts are rejected automatically. The good quality parts are transferred onto a dryer conveyor belt and then onto a downstacker conveyor belt. All user information can be read in plain text on the control panel and the performance information can also be printed. The production data is permanently transmitted to the company's central computer.

Customer benefits:
The pad printing labelling does away with high-cost packaging, whilst at the same time fulfilling the requirements for product liability. The system offers a high degree of flexibility for various products. Unlike various other direct marking techniques, pad printing permits problem-free printing in white.