TC-250-E spindle

Servo-electrical pad printing machine
TC 250 E

Pad stroke freely programmable via servomotor

TC 250-E

Movement of the cliché and doctor blade is pneumatically driven and the pad stroke can be programmed via the servomotor.

Technical specifications:

  • servo-electrically/pneumatically driven pad printing machine
  • cliché movement and doctor blade pneumatically driven
  • pad stroke freely programmable via servomotor
  • repeat precision ± 0.05 mm
  • freely programmable print run duration and lift-off speed for printing pad on the product or cliché
  • printing possible below level
  • pressing force max. 2,500 N
  • max. no. of cycles approx. 1,800/h
  • cliché format up to 250×250 mm (open ink cup system), alternative closed ink cup system (ink cup)‏ up to Ø 170 mm
  • TAMPONCOLOR movement for smooth operation, good ink transfer
  • touch panel to adjust printing parameters and to change printing modes
  • operating modes: jog mode/colour mixing, single cycle, automatic, dual and multi-colour printing
  • operation by hand and foot, equipped for automation
  • operating panel: Siemens PLC, programmable
  • optional: can be upgraded as semi-automatic and fully automatic print station with feeds, handling/interlinkage

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