To mount your pad best way at TAMPONCOLOR machines we offer special pad holders (TC-THB).

- adjustable in X- und Y-direction
- optimal positioning of the pad on the cliché

The printing pad is connected to the pad holder by a turnable and removeable pad holder ring (TC-THR).

- easy removement of the pad when you finished work, for maintenance or shift changeover
- the positioning of the pad will be kept, a new adjustment is not necessary
- standard height of the pad holder ring: 14mm, other heights available on request

If you want to change the pad quickly without tool, we offer a magnetic and pad position keeping pad holder ring TC-THR/M including adapter plate which can be refitted at all TAMPONCOLOR pad holders.

The adapter plate is mounted on the pad and the holder ring is adjusted only once when mounted to the pad holder.
The pad will be held with magnetic force, keeps its adjusted position and can be disassembled without using a tool.