TC In-Mould-Printer

To decorate plastic parts already during the injection moulding process we have designed the TAMPONCOLOR® In-Mould-Printer in co-operation with Technical University Chemnitz (Institute of materials handling and plastics).
This innovative and modular pad printing system can be mounted directly on top of an injection moulding machine using the EURO-MAP interface for signal exchange.
To grant best access to the tool area during set-up the In-Mould-Printer can be removed easily.

The pad axis is either pneumatically or - for higher flexibility – servoelectrically driven and moves vertically into the injection moulding machine. Then the swivel print head of the TAMPONCOLOR® In-Mould-Printer turns 90° for a horizontal movement to print your decoration directly into the tool just before the injection moulding process starts.
Therefore a second handling step to get a single colour printed part is not needed.

Like all TAMPONCOLOR® pad printing systems, the In-Mould-Printer is configurable to the customer requirements.

The machines can be used in many different applications to print on even, uneven or structured surfaces. Typical items for printing include fixtures and fittings, car accessories, electronic components, cases, medical equipment, measuring equipment, tools, etc. Customers for this technology are found in many different sectors of industry.

- modular designed servoelectrical or pneumatical pad printing system prepared to be mounted on an injection moulding machine, patent pending
- machine communication via EURO-MAP interface
- print head with pneumatic swivel function
- different sizes of closed cup ink systems available (e.g. ink cup diameters 90, 110, 130, 150 mm)
- electrical driven all-automatic pad cleaning device
- mounting by the use of adapter system