TC Portalprinter


TAMPONCOLOR® TC Portalprinter
– The all-rounder in multi-colour printing

Servoelectrical pad printing portal machines are used for single- and multi-colour printing, labelling and marking with high precision and colour saturation in different positions on the product.
The TAMPONCOLOR® TC Portalprinter is configured to the customer requirements and characterized by a compact and modular design.

Both number and size of the closed cup ink systems can be chosen as well as the type of part feeding devices (rotary table, linear conveying system, robot, etc.).
A pad change during the printing process is not necessary because each pad can be lowered individually by the use of pneumatic actuators.

The machines can be used in many different applications to print on even, uneven or structured surfaces. Typical items for printing include fixtures and fittings, car accessories, electronic components, cases, medical equipment, measuring equipment, tools, etc. Customers for this technology are found in many different sectors of industry.

- modular designed servoelectrical pad printing portal system, patent pending
- travelling distances 550 x 1.400 x 300 mm (X, Y, Z)
- pressing force up to 2.000 N
- print head with separate lowerable single pads
- different sizes of closed cup ink systems available (e.g. ink cup diameters 90, 110, 130, 150 mm), freely combinable
- transfer of different images from only one cliché possible
- compact design with a maximum of 6 different colours to be printed
- part feeding freely configurable (e.g. rotary table, servo axis, robot, etc.)