Cosmetics Industry

The embossing of a metal sleeve should be highlighted with color. All process steps should be made fully automatic starting with inserting the workpiece up to the removal of the printed sleeve.

Request of the customer was an output of 1,800 parts / hr.

During the design phase special attention had to be paid to the flexibility of the whole system regarding the possibility of printing alternative components and product changeovers.

Project realisation:
The main component of the TAMPONCOLOR TC 60-80 T-RT/Servo is a rotary table with a rotating outer ring and an inner fixed plate, on which the printing machine TAMPONCOLOR TC 60-80 T/Servo is mounted. The servo-electric pad stroke allows highest repeatability at high speed and flexibility to adapt easily new heights of alternative products. The print head is equipped with an all-automatic pad cleaning device, whose cleaning cycles can be entered according to customer specifications at the touch panel of the PLC. The rotary table with 12 positions offers room regarding the already planned features for extensions or additional functions.

The system is supplied with parts of a chute, that is fed by hand or by a loading system. In order to process short and long parts, the width of the chute can be varied by the use of a plug-in partition. The processed sleeves are pneumatically plugged into the workpiece fixture.

In a following alignment station a gripper rotates the sleeves in the correct printing position.
During the printing process the sleeve is held pneumatically in the fixture.

Afterwards the print is dried by hot air, then transferred in the pickup position with a gripper and unloaded automatically.
The machine is operated by a control panel attached to a swivel arm with a swivel angle of approximately 270 ° around the machine cabin to prevent swiveling in the loading and unloading area.

Customer benefits:
With the printing system TAMPONCOLOR TC 60-80 T-RT/Servo the customer gets a complete solution for his printing application which is individually tailored to his needs and reduces training time, equipment and maintenance costs.