A spare wheel printed using the pad printing method
A spare wheel printed using the pad printing method

Pad printing machines for the automotive industry

Number one in printing car wheels!

As the first global manufacturer, TAMPONCOLOR developed special servo-electrical pad printing machines for fully automated label printing on the 3D contours of car wheels at the turn of the millennium, and these have since gone on to be successfully operated worldwide.

But pad printing is also a technical solution for printing designs on aluminium wheels: no other printing technology combines the advantages of high process speeds with greater accuracy of imprints at affordable costs.

Bedruckte Alufelge

Also on aluminium

TAMPONCOLOR has developed special technical solutions for all-round rim flange printing and multi-coloured decorative printing of variable three-dimensional contours.

The result is outstanding.

What can we do for you?

Our turn-key systems have the following process steps in common:

  • Programme controlled feeding and removal of wheels by robots
  • Fully automatic centering and alignment of wheels by 4-axis NC tables
  • Printing
  • Drying
  • Linkage to transport systems from production

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