Pad printing machines for the cosmetics industry
Pad printing machines for the cosmetics industry

Pad printing machines for the cosmetics industry

How to highlight an embossing on a metal sleeve?

The embossing on a metal sleeve is to be highlighted. All processing stages are to be fully automated, i.e. from inserting the part to removing the finished, printed sleeve. The customer required an output of 1,800 parts/h. Special attention was to be given during construction to ensuring the system had maximum flexibility for printing alternative components and convertibility of individual stations.

Tampondruckmaschinen für die Kosmetikindustrie


The main component of the TAMPONCOLOR TC 60-80 T-RT/Servo pad printing system is a rotary indexing plate with a rotating outer ring and a fixed inner plate, onto which a TAMPONCOLOR TC 60-80 T/Servo pad printing machine is mounted. The servo-electrical pad stroke allows for superior repeat precision at high speeds and flexibility in adapting to new product heights.

The printing machine is equipped with a pad cleaning unit; the cleaning cycle can be adjusted via the control panel on the control system according to the customer’s requirements. The 12-part rotary plate offers extra space for extensions and additional functions, as well as its existing functions.

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Tampondruckmaschinen für die Kosmetikindustrie

The system is supplied with parts via a feed chute and these are fed either manually or via a loading system. The width of the chute can be adjusted via a detachable partition wall, in order to accommodate short and long components. The sleeves to be processed are attached to the workpiece holder thorn pneumatically.

In the subsequent alignment station, a pincer turns the sleeves into the correct printing position. The sleeve is held on the thorn pneumatically prior to the actual printing process. Once the printing process has ended, the workpiece is dried using hot air and then placed in the pick-up position by the pincer or offloaded onto a tray by a robot.

The system is controlled via a control panel which is attached to a swivel arm and allows for a pivot angle of approx. 270° around the system. This prevents it from entering the loading and offloading areas.

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The TAMPONCOLOR TC 60-80 T-RT/Servo printing system provides customers with a complete solution for their print applications – one which is uniquely tailored to their needs. The construction of the machine is developed in cooperation, ensuring that operating personnel are met with familiar components and structures. This minimises training, set-up and maintenance costs, allowing the system to be integrated into production with hardly any delay.

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