TC pad printing machine for medical technology requirements
TC pad printing machine for medical technology requirements

Pad printing in medical technology – a safe bet

Applications in the field of medical technology place particularly high demands on printing processes and printing technology. It is not only a matter of precise and durable imprints on difficult surface geometries, the printing process itself also takes place under difficult conditions. The Pharmaline pad printing machines from Tamponcolor are optimized for printing on medical technology products.

One printing technology for a wide range of applications

The range of medical products that need to be printed is large. It ranges from disposable syringes and pipettes to peridual catheters, probes, beakers, laboratory supplies and the housings of medical devices. Those items that come into direct contact with people place the highest demands on the printing process. It takes place under particularly strict hygienic conditions, sometimes even in clean rooms.

Optimally adapted tampon printing machines for medical products.

Tamponcolor’s Pharmaline is optimally adapted to these printing conditions. The systems are manufactured specially according to customer specifications and precisely matched to the respective requirements, whether for a complete printing solution or a single workstation.

Stainless steel components, antistatic smooth coatings and particularly easy-to-clean components help the user to ensure long-term cleanliness in the production area. For example, the closed X/Y cross support for positioning the printing presses. Unlike the standard system, it has no exposed guides and is therefore especially easy to clean.

Collecting elements hold back any particles that may be present in the area of shafts and guides and prevent the possible contamination of the printed material.

Even the consumables are offered in a version that meets the high standards in the field of medical technology: Instead of the classic pad cleaning tapes with cardboard core, Tamponcolor uses tapes with plastic core in the medical sector for best results, print after print.