Printing wood saw blades
Printing wood saw blades

Pad printing machines for printing wood saw blades

A tooling industry solution

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of hand tools also produces wood saw blades. Until now, the saw blades have been provided with appropriately labelled secondary packaging to supply the product information. A solution is sought for labelling the saw blades directly in order to save on this packaging while also meeting product liability requirements. The products to be labelled will be of various sizes, from 7 mm x 300 mm to 140 mm x 720 mm, weighing up to 1.2 kg. The saw blades are to be printed with a two-colour logo and a black bar code on a white background.



As a system supplier, TAMPONCOLOR supplied a fully automated printing system with four pneumatic TC 80-100 P pad printing machines.

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An adjustable stacking magazine delivers the saw blades to a rotary table where they are fixed with a stop and permanent magnets. The saw blades are printed with four colours at four stations each with a machine; the stations are equipped with closed ink cup systems for printed image sizes of max. 60 mm x 160 mm.

Each TC 80-100 P is equipped with a fully automated TC/TPR pad cleaning system. Print quality is assessed by the image processing system and bad parts automatically removed. Good parts are transferred to a drying belt and then on to a stacking belt. All user information is visible in plain text, service information can also be printed out. Production data is permanently transferred to the company’s central server.

Pad printing solution

Pad printed inscription does away with the need for cost-intensive secondary packaging while satisfying requirements for product liability. The system offers a high degree of flexibility for different products. In contrast to various other direct labelling methods, pad printing allows for easy printing with white ink.