Pad support blocks
Pad support blocks

Pad support blocks for TAMPONCOLOR machines

We offer pad holding blocks (TC-THB) to ensure that your printing pads are securely attached to the TAMPONCOLOR machines.

  • adjustable along x and y axes
  • optimum positioning of the pad on the cliché

If the pad needs to be changed quickly and without tools, we offer a non-rotating, magnetic TC-THR/M pad holding ring on the included adapter plate, which can be upgraded for all TAMPONCOLOR tampon holding blocks. The adapter plate is mounted onto the pad and the ring is adjusted on the holding block.

The pad is held in place without rotating thanks to the magnetic force and can be dismantled without tools.

The printing pad is connected to the holding block by a rotatable and removable pad holding ring (TC-THR).

  • easy removal of the printing pad when work is complete, for cleaning or shift changes
  • positioning remains intact, no adjustments necessary
  • standard height of pad holding ring: 14mm, other heights available on request

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