Available in a range of different diameters. Sizes not listed here can be provided on request


The main body of our ink cups is composed of hardened tool steel. The doctor ring is incorporated in order to eliminate leaks from any joints at the outset.

Thanks to a magnet which can be continuously adjusted from the outside, it is possible to adapt the holding force of the cliché to the cliché material (plastic or steel).

Alongside our steel cliché, we have a complete ink-guiding system which is designed for maximum durability and minimum wear and tear.



If process-related signs of wear appear, this will occur in areas where they can be removed quickly and easily, on the ink cup doctor ring and not on the steel cliché.

The ink cups can be reworked multiple times in house according to levels of wear until they reach the maximum wear limit.

Technical details

Ink cupRecommended cliché size (mm)Internal diameter (mm)Max. image diameter (mm)
TC-FT 50150x60x10 / 160x60x105030
TC-FT 60150x80x10 / 180x80x106040
TC-FT 70160x80x10 / 180x80x107050
TC-FT 80200x100x108060
TC-FT 90200x100x109070
TC-FT 100250x120x1010080
TC-FT 110250x120x1011090
TC-FT 120270x130x10120100
TC-FT 130290x140x10130110
TC-FT 140310x150x10140120
TC-FT 150320x170x10150130
TC-FT 180400x200x10180160

If a switch with a special tool is made using the integrated scraper lip, it is not necessary to stock wear parts. The TAMPONCOLOR TC-FT ink cup range is available in many different diameters. Sizes not listed here can be provided on request. Please talk to us.

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