Fully-automated pad printing system
Fully-automated pad printing system

TC In-mould printing system

TAMPONCOLOR® TC In-mould Printer

The TAMPONCOLOR® In-mould Printer has been developed in cooperation with Chemnitz University of Technology (Plastics Institute) to decorate plastic parts during the injection moulding process.

This innovative, modular pad printing system can be assembled directly onto a injection moulding machine and communicates entirely via the existing EURO-MAP interface.

It can be easily dismantled and removed for accessibility to the tool area during set-up.

TC In-Mould Printer

Optimised process

The stroke axis with pivoted print head, which leads into the tool, can be powered pneumatically or, for even greater flexibility, servo-electrically.
The TAMPONCOLOR® In-mould Printer prints its decoration directly into the tool immediately prior to the injection moulding process; this omits the need for a subsequent processing step for single-colour decoration.

Like all TAMPONCOLOR printing systems, the In-mould Printer can also be configured according to your requirements. A particular strength of pad printing is the ability to print almost any irregularly shaped surfaces, made from a wide range of materials. The machines can be used in many ways. Typical printed items include fittings, motor vehicle accessories, electronic components, computer casings, medical devices, measuring devices, tools, etc. Pad printers are to be found in a range of different business sectors.


  • modularly constructed servo-electrical or pneumatic pad printing system
  • equipped to be built onto an injection-moulding machine, protective rights pending
  • communication via EURO-MAP interface
  • print head with pneumatic tilting function
  • various sizes of closed ink cup systems available (e.g. ink cup diameters 70, 90, 110, 130 mm)
  • fully-automated pad cleaning system, electric-powered
  • assembly via adapter system

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