Tamponcolor Ink Cups TC-FT

The base body of our ink cups is made of hardened tool steel. The integrated doctor blade avoids any kind of leakage caused by split lines from separately mounted doctoring rings.

The holding force can be adapted to the chliché material (plastic material or steel) with a continously variable magnet which is adjustable from the outside.

In combination with our steel clichés we offer closed a cup system designed for highest durability and a minimum of wear.

If some process caused wear occurs to the system it can be fixed easily because you‘ll find the wear on the doctor blade of the ink cup and not on the steel cliché.
Depending of the wear our ink cups can be overhauled several times in our workshop until they reach a maximum wear limit.

Because of the integrated doctor blade changing tools and a stock of spare blades are not necessary. TAMPONCOLOR TC-FT ink cups are available in several different diameters. Sizes which are not mentioned below can of course be offered, please talk to us.