Printing pads
Printing pads

All other accessories

In addition to our machines and system solutions, we also offer you all the accessories for perfect printing.

This means you will receive the right printing pads as well as the finished steel and plastic clichés for your printed images from our own production.

Depending on the material to be printed and your specific requirements for the quality and durability of the print, we also supply you with the optimal colors and all auxiliary materials (e.g. thinners, hardeners, retarders, etc.).

With us you get everything about pad printing from a single source.


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TC-AW detergent for NP300 and NP/DG120

Cleaning cloth

Cleaning tub

Etching machines (for steel strip clichés)
TC/CEW 220

Exposure machines

  • TC/BVW I – usable are 180×380 mm
  • TC/BVW II – usable are 235×585 mm
  • (Other sizes are available)

Code discs

Printing inks

  • single and/or dual-component colours for a wide range of materials
  • thinner
  • hardening agent
  • retarding agents
  • gold or silver pastes
  • Levelling agent
  • transparent pastes
  • matte pastes
  • ink spatula
  • ink mixing beaker

Print clichés for open or closed ink cup systems

Print clichés + accessories + devices
Steel clichés 10 mm thick, hardness approx. 64 HRC, ready etched steel strip clichés 0.5 mm thick. Hardness approx. 52–54 HRC, ready etched or blank – cut to size – for in-house manufacturing

Ink cups (closed ink cup systems)
Cylindrical or oval shape, different sizes

Heated ink tray with temperature regulation for use with thermoplastic inks

Photopolymer clichés (plastic clichés) washed out like films

Photopolymer cliché blanks (cut to size)

  • NP300 for the finest text and lines, alcohol washable
  • FP600 grid plate up to 120l/cm water washable
  • FP430 grid plate up to 120l/cm water washable
  • FP580 grid plate up to 120l/cm alcohol washable, long shelf-life
  • NP/DG120 grid plate up to 120l/cm alcohol washable, long life, thermal hardening, long shelf-life

Cliché cylinders

Cross tables

Magnetic clamping plates for open or closed ink cup systems

Doctor blades

  • lamella doctor blade for photopolymer clichés (standard dimension height 22 mm, thickness 0.2 mm, lamella 0.08 mm) other dimensions on request
  • doctor blade for steel clichés (standard dimension height 19 mm, thickness 0.25 mm, lamella 0.5 mm)
  • doctor blade 10 mm thick, lengths on request
  • doctor whetstone

Film for private manufacture of photopolymer clichés

  • 54 l/cm
  • 80 l/cm
  • 100 l/cm
  • 120 l/cm

Cleaning materials and tools

  • cliché spray TC-KSP
  • pad cleaner TC-AW (container size 6l)
  • TC-LSP solvent dispenser for TC-AW
  • cleaning paper (exceptionally absorbent and lint-free)
  • floor stand for cleaning paper
  • TC-RL detergent for ink-spreading components (excluding printing pad) (container size 20l, 30l or 200l)
  • fully-automated TC-RGR automatic cleaning units
  • 2 sizes (tub diameter 400–600 mm, other sizes available)

Silicon oil

Sliding clichés

Pad cleaner TC-AW

Pad holding block

Pad holding ring

Pad rollers for rotating pad printing

Transport units

  • shifting device
  • rotary plate
  • block tables
  • conveyor belts
  • linear transport system
  • TC-integral positioning module
  • automation units
  • handling systems
  • sorting systems


  • infra-red radiator
  • infra-red drying belts
  • infra-red dryer
  • hot air dryer
  • dry belts in channels with established hot air dryer
  • shock dryer with gas burner
  • UV dryer


  • ionisers
  • flame treatment burners
  • flame treatment belts
  • corona pre-treatment devices:
  • low frequency devices without counter electrode
  • high-frequency devices with counter electrode
  • primer as bonding agent (for small batches or laboratory trials, for PP only)

Workpiece clamps

  • mechanical
  • with vacuum
  • etc.